Film Review: ROB THE MOB

In ROB THE MOB, NY-based director Raymond De Felitta has successfully made a film that combines multiple genres. Yet, this comedic take on a true-life crime spree is at its core a love story.

The fact that ROB THE MOB contains very little violence and no bloody scenes does not lessen the excitement of this intensely gripping film.

Michael Pitt (HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, Gus Van Sant’s Last Days) and Nina Arianda (Midnight In Paris, Tower Heist) are a mesmerizing couple on the screen as real-life sweethearts, Tommy and Rosie Uva.

Set in Queens, NY, during the 1990’s criminal court trial of infamous New York crime boss John Gotti, Tommy, with Rosie as his getaway driver, robbed several of the mob’s “social clubs” with information gleamed from attending the actual Gotti trial.

Andy Garcia (At Middleton, Ocean’s Eleven) portrays “Big Al”, the elegant head of a crime family, who, at first, is reluctant to put on a “hit” on the Bonnie & Clyde-styled duo. Obviously a minor role in the original script, Garcia expands his mobster character as an adorable grandfather who loves to cook in the kitchen and spend time with his young & fatherless grandson, Robbie (Luke Fava).

Griffin Dune (Dallas Buyers Club, Martin Scorsese’s After Hours) adds the greatest laughs in his portrayal of the motivating boss of a truly eccentric collection agency, Mr. Lovell.

Contributing to this highly entertaining film are beautiful cinematic moments from De Felitta’s frequent director of cinematography, Christopher Norr. In particular, ROB THE MOB’s visually spectacular ending.

ROB THE MOB was reviewed at its world premiere screening at the 2014 Miami Int’l Film Festival.

  • Stars Michael Pitt, Nina Arianda, Andy Garcia, Ray Romano, Griffin Dunne and Burt Young.
  • Directed by Raymond De Felitta (City Island, Two Family House).
  • Written by Jonathan Fernandez.

ROB THE MOB opens in New York and Los Angeles movie theaters on March 21st, before expanding to other cities.

  • Rated: R; for pervasive language, some sexual material and brief drug use
  • Running time: 104 mins
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